What our inspectors check and How

W: Environmental conditions in production and storage rooms are in accordance with manufacturer internal quality system and components supplier recommendations.
H: Directly checking on a daily basis parameters such as temperature, relative humidity (RH),   cleanliness of working environment (workshops, storage room, loading areas, testing areas etc.). CEP Solar utilizes digital infrared not-contact thermometer and electronic hygrometer to check parameters independently. Verified with pictures and included in the report.


W: Environment conditions in storage rooms and production areas are constantly controlled and data recorded in written reports as well as tracking of storage period of materials.
H: Reviewing internal records making sure that the proper conditions are maintained throughout the storage and production period.

W: “First in first out” principle is applied when using stored materials.
H: Checking material storage period’s records, purchase receipts and delivery notes.
W: Materials and components (cells, EVA, back-sheet, glass, connection strips, junction box etc.) are under IEC, CE and ISO certificates and no other materials or components are employed for the production.
H: Verifying that certified components and raw material are actually used throughout the entire  production and that supplier contracts cover the production of the purchase contract quantity.
W: EVA and back-sheet are stored in appropriate dry room where temperature and RH proper values are steadily maintained by means of air conditioner avoiding direct sunshine, vicinity of heat sources and exposure to dust.
H: Directly measuring temperature and relative humidity values using our own instruments (thermometer and hygrometer). Verified with pictures and included in report.
W: Maximum EVA storage period after production and usage time after removing roll protective plastic bag.
H: Checking production time label, cross check with supplier contracts and internal records. Verified with pictures and included in report.


W: Solar cells characteristics.
H: Checking cells origin, classification process, electrical characteristics, thickness, type of equipment used during cells inspection and data records.


W: The workshop has specially marked areas to define the location of stationary, equipment,  processing materials, components and machinery.
H: Verifying that quality system is implemented correctly. Verified with pictures.


W: Operators wear gloves and cap to avoid impurities and direct contact with materials and  components; in particular workers assigned to cells, EVA and connectors handling.
H: Checking working instructions and their implementation. Verified with pictures.

W: In areas where high cleanliness level is required, such as the solar cells line production, entrance is restricted and only qualified workers are allowed. Also, entrances of these mentioned areas are equipped with special cleaning chambers to avoid contamination.
H: Checking authorized workers list and cleaning chambers condition. Verified with pictures.


W: Packed modules storage conditions.
H: Directly measuring temperature and relative humidity values using our own instruments (thermometer and hygrometer) and verifying that temperature and RH proper values are steadily maintained. Verified with pictures.